How can I improve my character model?

I’m fairly new to Blender- well, I’ve been using it for over a year now but I’m finally to the point where I know how to do a whole lot of stuff on my own and can make stuff by myself.

Anyways, I recently started working on a model of a character of mine. I was pretty happy with how it came out, but is there anything I can do to make it better?

It still looks kind of…I dunno how to describe it- flat? It doesn’t look “complete” to me. (Like for example, 3d models and movies and games)

I’m not sure if it has something to do with the topology, or texturing maybe? I know the design is fairly simple, so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it or not haha.

Here is the model.

And then here is what the character actually looks like, in 2D form. (art by me as well)

I just wanna know how to make it more “alive” I guess…and more professional looking, but still managing to be accurate to his design. Any sort of tips or critique would be greatly appreciated!!

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(also sorry i accidentally deleted the post while on mobile-, so i apologize if it was posted again whenever i restored it i didn’t mean to be spammy :sob:)

entire body is white
ankles are brown


So, anyway, you wanna look into shading, i guess. There are some great fabrc materials in the included Blenderkit addon ( for free), f.e.

Oh! He has striped socks lol!
Ah, I see! I will look into different shaders!

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Maybe sculpt some creases into his clothing, to add a little more depth and dimension to him. At the moment, he is very smooth looking, and the white color sort of makes everything blend together. With some more details in the clothing, likes creases and such, it’ll allow for more shadows etc…to break the surface a little, and stop everything looking so conformed.


Yep, do that before you go into shading

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Some good points already mentioned with the clothes and overall look.

I would also add something to the lighting of him. There is room to improve here too or maybe it was just a quick one.

Feedback is great but something like adding fold to the cloth is not easy. I would recommend you to have a look around YanSculpt channel since he has a somehow similar style and you can learn some things on how to present it or texture the cloth including the wrinkels.

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For me, I feel his proportions are too similar to, and mentally associated with, natural human proportions. You’re going for punny, but he appears somewhat muscular, especially in the chest. Maybe try slimming him down, like a lot? Maybe change proportions to better accentuate his fragility?

That’s my $0.02

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i’ll take a look into this! however, is there a proper way to edit the mesh without ruining the prexisting weight painting? (i guess i have the same question too with the above comments suggesting adding clothing wrinkles and such)

The weight paint should stay on? I am not sure here but you can duplicate it and when you finished use a data transfer modifier to transfer the weights to the improved version.

Cloth wrinkles can be added without messing anything up. Depends on how you do it i guess (sculpt mode works without messing something up).

Have you tried changing something and posing him again? I always finish the character nearly and add only little things after i rigged it…