How can I improve this render?

Hello guys! I have a really big problem with shading, lighting and rendering. How can I improve this render? Do you guys know some good tutorials?

Any other feedback is very welcome too!

its an awesome render with some sweet materials. My only critique would composition. It’s sorta confusing to tell what you are supposed to focus on and how your eyes are supposed to travel around the image. Maybe centring in on the orb and having some little hard surface details stemming out from around it to show a centre. You could also pull up the wires and move them more to the left so they are a bit tighter and less attention stealing from the orb (if that is aiming to be your focal point).

Another part of composition is having an even amount of large, medium and small details. The large details i’d say is the huge metal avocado, the medium would be the orb, binoculars thing and the wires. As far as small goes it looks like its only cool curves on the orb. I was thinking maybe having some techno inset lines stemming from where the orb is running up the inside of the avo.

Anyway thats just some spitballed ideas I like the render hope this contained at least some sort of value.

I just remembered that everything I said and much more, blender guru goes over really it really well in this video.

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Wow, thank you very much! I was feeling like something wasn’t good but had no ideia of what until you pointed out. Gonna work with your feedback and keep improving, thank you!

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