How can i improve this render

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It’s looking great already, well done :slight_smile:
For me the thing it seems not quite to fit is the window / city background. The contrast of the city image is a bit off and it’s missing the blue light coming into the room.
look at some references and tweak it a bit :wink:

I agree that the cityscape is a bit off. It seems like the apartment is hanging very high above the ground and it’s tilted so that the window corner is lower than the corner where camera is.

I also find the wavy texture on the wall distracting.

thanks for the advice i didn’t think too much about the window i’m gonna find a better photo and use some hdri

For me, the thing the bothers me most is the window. Not necessarily the background (though blurring that a little and adjusting the contrast would certainly help) but the actual thickness the window implies the walls are. The room looks very high up, yet apparently the walls to said building are about an inch thick.

Give the window frame some depth, and also, consider what the window would actually look like on the outside of that building. Looks like it’s a stylish building based off of the interior, so I would assume that from the outside, there might be quite a lot of glass, and not necessarily lots of small square windows.

Thinking about it, I don’t think the window is even necessary - it doesn’t really add anything to the scene.

is it better now ?

Two quick things that bug me about it. The pattern on the wall above the worktops looks like a moiré pattern. I find it weird and distracting. You also have what looks like a normal set of cupboards in the section beneath what looks like a glass or ceramic hob… where I’d expect to see an oven.

One last thing I just noticed, though it’s hard to put my finger on exactly what it is. The centre “island” worktop reads in my brain as being lower than the worktops along the wall for some reason. Part of this might be the fact the left hand edge of that island lines up visually with the start of the worktops behind it. Maybe it should be in line with the start of that worktop in plan view which would push its edge right as seen from this angle.

i redid the whole scene still work in progress

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