How can I limit the rotation space of bones even in POSE mode?


I want to limit the rotation/movement of bones of an
armature to their anatomical correct ways.
I dont wnat to break someones knees, even if their
are only those of Agent Smith (The Matrix). :wink:

I tried to assign an IK-solver “without target” and
a length of 3 and use DoF…but – at least what I
have tried – the result was: No effect.

So I am sure I did seomethng wrong, which put
me back to my initial question…

Thanks a lot for any help in adance !
Keep blendering!

Take a look at my posts on this thread

Hi Hazza,

thanks for your reply ! :slight_smile:

As I wrote in the subject of my initial posting I am
searching for a way to limit rotation of bones even in
POSE mode.

I tried the described ways in the linked thread you
mentioned, but none does work for me: The bones
can be rotated in every way still.

Any other ways to accomplish what I want to do ?

Keep blendering !

No problem , the rotation limits i showed you are for POSE mode but they only work when you use inverse kinematics on the bones.

Hi Hazza,

sorry…but I fear I haven’t understand the whole stuff
completly yet…

I have a three-bones armature. Last bone right
first bone left. I assigned an IK-solver to last bone
with “length” of thre for thre bones.

When moving the last bone in POSE mode, the others
are follwoing.

No I assigned Limit X,Y,Z to certain angles say -10 min
+10 max.

This works fine for the first and the middle bone but
regardless what I am doing, the last bone is moving
everywhere and I cannot limit its rotation to certain

And the N-Panel (“properties”) for the bone I completly
dont undertstand…


Keep blendering!

Limits work on joints. The first bone has no joint. You could probably put a small “null” bone there, extend the Chainlen to 4 then apply the rotation limits.

I think :slight_smile:

Hi AndyD !

…oh…I see!
Is this adding of a NULL-bone :slight_smile: “without consequences”…will say:
Do I have to care about other things or sideeffects or do I have
to assign/move/remove/compose/pose/add/subbtract/doify anthing
to/at/from/under/beneath/beyond/beside/over/… that bone
before anthing else to ensure that the only effect is to have
limitationable third bone ???

Kind regards and thanks a lot for all the help in advacne!

(I haven’t count my bones more often as in these days… :wink: )