How can I make a material like this skin?

I love how the skin glows from the inside and even lights up the floor. Anyone know how to make a similar material?

if you go to their website you can see it animated.

I guess you could use an SSS shader, and add a light inside the model:

With a vertex color map, you can decide which part of your model is using the SSS shader (it’s inverted in the screenshot below, I then inverted it in the material node setup):

whoa! Can you show a screenshot of the setup for the vertex color map? Does that work in eevee?

Not sure about Eevee, I haven’t used it for SSS materials.
Here’s the file, hope that helps!

It says the file is deleted :frowning:

Sorry about that, I’ve updated the link. Could you try again?

It still says deleted. Does it delete after one person clicks or downloads it?

Strange, the download is still available here.
Try here

The download worked but the effect doesn’t seem to work in eevee and my computer can’t handle cycles to test if it works haha. Can you explain how to do the vertex colors stuff and what it does?

Here’s a quick demo on how to create the vertex map

And here’s a basic node setup for you

Ah, interesting thanks! It’s not turning out quite how the cabeza one but its getting somewhat close :>

Nope, the last two clips are not meant to get the same look as the Cabeza Patata one, it was just a response on how you can use the vertex color map.

ohh i meant on the blend file sorry for the confusion. I can’t put my finger on what its missing