How can i make LED 3d Hologram

How can i make 3d hologram video with Blender. Is it possible and how any suggestion. Below is the related video.

Why not just model the 3D object and put it there in space moving around with materials that make it look transparent as in the video. Ought to be simple enough, and it can appear to be actually 3d like a true hologram, rather than just a flat image on the plane of the spinning arm.

I would not try to do a physical simulation of the spinning LEDs and get motion blur to produce the image. That might not be impossible (at least in some software) but I doubt it would be worth it.

Would be rather straight-forward in Blender using texture-space coordinates set relative to another object like an empty, and then use that to control the texture in the emission shader of the LEDs. However that’s less of a rigging problem and more of a materials and textures thing.

Still it’s not quite 3D given the LEDs move on a single plane. So it’s still a 2D image in this case. (Having an arc of LEDs spin to make a globe probably takes some clever UV transfer tricks.)

Other than that, spin it, and futzing about with blur settings for the rendering would take care of the rest.