How can I make My own textures?

Hello Does anyone know how i can create a texture for Blender/unity in Gimp?
Me and a “Friend” is making game together and just incase it turns out good and we sell it we want textures that we own and no one else.

Answers is very appreciated :slight_smile:

if you’ve the means, investing in your own stock photography is better in the long run.

Alot depends on the art style your going for. many “simple” games use a “painterly” texture style to give a more cartoony and less serious feel to them, makes modeling accuracy less of an issue and looks great on low poly models. but, this is the most difficult texture style to do because it relies heavily (as in: entirely) on your artists skill.

i guess bottom line to creating game textures is, learn UV mapping backwards and forwards so you can create good templates of your models to texture on. get a decent digital camera (6-12 megapixel, and capable of shooting raw format or some other lossless format), and start taking pictures of everything you can think of. create a “smart” folder system for keeping track of your work, downloaded images, any images with license restrictions, etc. its ok to use other peoples textures, as long as you check the license on the image first. the best site is, you can get a free account, and everything there is free to use for commercial projects. but go read the license FAQ first, its important to note that you CANNOT use any of his images in open source projects. lol. thats what i mean by checking license. anything you download from a third party needs to be kept in a folder together, with a copy of the license terms. and in your game project folder, keep a text file with attribution information so you can properly credit the right sources when it comes time to publish.

The folks at Valve have a workshop for DOTA 2 that contains some good information on content creation for games. Check HERE.

Scroll down and look for the “Dota 2 Character Texture Guide” pdf.

have fun