How can I make objects make rotation to from diferent center points at one time?

Hello, I am making aeroplane and I would like to open and close all (3) wheels with its covers at the same time. Problem is, that:

  1. the wheels and covers have diferent center point and if i make it as the same, it will rotate badly (I have the center points at the place which conects the wheels to the aplane)

  2. I would also like to make it with one thing (empty, bone … i dont know what) to Open the big rear wheel cover, fold the wheel and then close the cover. Is it even possible ? If not, what is the best way to solve it.

Any help apreciated. Thank you

Hey, An armature would be best and its all very much do-able. Witold Jaworski has a very detailed project tutorial about the aircraft he is working on (there is a WIP for it) if your really into learning that. You could post the file and I (or someone else) will rig it - but that’s not teaching you, or google “animating a landing gear” also look (search) on this forum.

Hi ajcdfin … Please can you help me?.. I have a game character rig in Blender that I can’t make sense out of the armature… eventually I want to port into SFM… but I am new to the 3d app (i use 3ds max mostly)… I am unable to post my own thread as still ‘newbie’ so can you pllleeeasssee help me?.. you can reach me at [email protected]
Here is my original thread from FP… if you look no one has replied yet with any tips/advice etc :disappointed: