How can I make Rigid Body falling objects settle down!?

Hi there,

I am fairly new to the Rigid Body physics.

I have some uneven shaped rocks that are dropped onto an uneven surface.

No matter what I seem to do, after the initial fall onto the surface, the kinetic energy never seems to lessen - the rocks just keep jiggling around on the floor without slowing down FOREVER!

If I lessen the Sensitivity Margin, the jiggling does calm down a bit, but still continues. If i make the Sensitivity Margin too low, they fall through the floor.

Is this jiggling an inescapable fact and something we all have to work with? Perhaps it is normal to have to bake it to keyframes and then use keyframing to freeze it to a stop?

Also, I have a lot of intersection of these rocks - which parameter decreases that?

Many thanks!

try increasing the damping value. and what kind of collision bounds is it set for?

I’ve had this problem before. It isn’t normal, there’s always a way to fix it but it’s different every time. If the collision bounds are set to mesh, try setting them to convex hull. If that doesn’t work try decreasing the weight of everything, and if that doesn’t work try changing the size of things (making everything in the scene bigger can help). If all of that doesn’t work increasing the subframes might help but will increase simulation time.

Do you know how to change the settings for a large number of objects at once?

In my experience cranking up the damping never works.

there’s an andrew price tutorial out there somewhere that covers multiple stacked objects getting hit by an incoming sphere I think. It’s very informative on the topic of getting things to settle down.

Changing all the small rocks to ‘Convex Hull’ and everything now works FANTASTICALLY!

I had set everything to ‘mesh’ before thinking that would provide the best results.