Firts of all, im a newbie in blender, i know how to models but when its time to do texture, im just lost. so i need a step by step tutorial to make: slush, you know the drink that is not water and not ice, but both…
very chalenging for a pro like you!..

i can do it with brush and photoshop… but i whant to see what blender can offer to me.

I think we have to do two type of material:
1-colored ice
2-splashing water (not a flat one made with a plane…)

can you help me with this?
Mr. M

You’re two best bets (man, try typing that 20 times in a row…) would be trying to convincingly texture a mesh that’s been run through the fluid simulation feature, or to play with the particle system and duplivert little colored ice meshes to your particle emitter. Personally, I’d try the former first, as it’ll probably yield better results.

EDIT: hrm… idle pondering here… I wonder if it’s possible to duplivert meshes to a fluid sim object… probably not… but it’s interesting to think about

Well…where can i download the version 2.40 (osx) ? since the fluid simulation is just in that version…

It look like many people already have it…

You can get the Release Candidate build for OSX here.