How can I make the preview video run faster?

Hello Everybody,

I am running Blender 2.5 on Windows 7 32 bit Acer comp.

I’m trying to edit a live action music video using the Video Sequence Editor through Blender.

Is there a way to make the Preview video view at normal speed?

I need to sync the video with the song.

  1. I tried pre-rendering the videos by clicking on the animate button.
  2. The dimensions in blender are the same I used to shoot the video 1920 x 1088 24fps

If anybody can help me that would be great.


Thanks for the info but now I’ve ran into another problem setting up the proxy.

I’ve made the proxy size at 25%; there’s no timecode index option that I can find and under the Strip header there is nothing to make a proxy.

Thank you in advance for your help