How can I mirror my sculpting in blender? ...

Hi All,

Sorry if this is a newbie question… I’m modelling the trex below for 3D print and I’ve started sculpting detail into the model. Before I go too far on one side is there any way to mirror my work as the mirror mods don’t work in sculpt mode. If someone to could help that would be much appreciated! Cheers :smiley:

There are symmetry settings in the sculpt tool options

There is also a Symmetrize option in the Sculpt / Dyntopo panel

Fantastic!! :smiley: Thanks Richard, much appreciated you just saved me hours have a good weekend!

So good practice would be to keep the model in symmetry for as long as possible to make use of these tools? - the problem I’ve given myself is that I’ve rotated the head at the neck and tail so i’d have to go back a step… :frowning:

I think the most common workflow is:

  1. Model the basemesh with a mirror modifier
  2. Apply the mirror
  3. Add an armature for things like turning the head. Pose it.
  4. Sculpt with x symmetry for the mutlires, the x symmetry in sculpt still works on a posed mesh.

Keep in mind that you can’t add an armature if you mean to sculpt with dyntopo, because it disrupts every vertex group while sculpting.


cheers guys… Im struggling a bit with this as the dynamic typo is too clunky for the detail I’m trying to do.
As its mainly the head that has the most detail I’m leaning towards sculpting both side individually… but I don’t see why the “inflate” tool works fine on one side of the face but doesn’t behave the same way on the other side? stressful!..:frowning: where i want it to inflate it does the opposite regardless if inflate is selected? any ideas of what Im missing?

Check if you do not have inverted normals on your mesh.
In edit mode select it all and press CTRL+N to recalculate them

Sounds like some of your normals are backwards. Cntrl + N will recalculate them for you.

LoL you beat me to it.

Spot on guys much appreciate - i tried to clean up the normals and now it looks like this(below) on the problem side of the face. I thought my topology was spot on this time so I don’t know why this happened?.. is it the case where i have to delete the problem vertices and rebuild?

I would rather use the Smooth brush, with strength at 1, over those single vertices, until they regain their position.


Upload a blend file of it maybe able to fix it.

I just hope it is not the multires infamous “multires spike bug” that just popped up on your multires sculpt.

The multires spike bug is a very bad bug that happens sometime (and what makes it hard to fix is that it does not happen often or in a reproductible way)
If it is that nasty bug even when you fix it on a multires level, it will re-appear on another one.
A possible solution would be to use a previous blend from before the bug appeared , or rebuild a new multires sculpt from your base mesh (and shrinkwrap it to your buggy one to recapture your current sculpted details)

Psy-Fi, that may work on improving multires in the future, requested people to report occurance of multires bug like this one with blends so he can have cases to study.
I reported one (a variant of the spike bug in which the spikes are “bumps” ) , in case this is the spike bug, i suggest you to report it with the blend too :

Firstly Thank you all for the help, really appreciate it :)… I used a combination of rebuilding and playing with the normals to get it back to normal… also adding another subdivide helped a lot.

Sanctuary, Thanks for the link I will look into reporting it because it is a real pain. I’ve come across the multires bug before and had to reload an older version of my model to avoid it.

For now all is good! :smiley: