How can I MIRROR this Room?

So, with a lot of support from this forum, I’ve managed to model half a room that’s OK for my needs, and now I’m trying to figure out how to mirror it.

The default mirror modifier modifies the wrong side, and when I try and use some object to mirror, it doesn’t erase the old geometry even with merge and clip are engaged.

Am I just really slow or this is a particularly challenging task?

Goal: to cleanly mirror the side of the room with windows onto the other side.

If I understand you correctly you may want to try with an Array.

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Chop the room down the middle and delete the half without windows, then mirror.

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Enable the ‘Bisect’ option in the mirror modifier, that will chop off extraneous geometry. If it mirrors the wrong way, also enable the ‘Flip’ option for the appropriate axis.

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Thanks for the reply everyone… Stan,the ‘Bisect’ button was I was stuck on and now all is well now :slight_smile: Thanks so much!
I also needed to put the 3D cursor to the middle of the room (was struggling on that).