how can i paint vertex as to lights ??

hi everyone , im newbie about Blender , does anyone know how can i paint vertices as to lights for make the shadow effects with use vertex color (automatic calculation) ?

thanx in advance

Vertex colors do not cast light into the scene, they are self illuminating. If I understand you correctly, then what you really want is radiosity modeling download documentation and search for the radiosity.

Rambo: I was wrong in the wiki. Thanks. I just corrected it.

Wrong about what? Vertex Colored Light? I think what the poster of this thread is really looking for doesn’t really exist, but can be faked through a process of combined techniques, but I don’t feel like creating a tutorial length explanation for something that is already well documented. They will learn with experience just like the rest of us, one technique at a time. The most important lesson that I’ve learned in 3d thusfar is that textures are more important that anything. No matter how good you modeling, lighting and animation skills, nothing is going to look spectacular without proper use of textures.

i thought that vcol light actually cast light like a lamp, but it doesnt; it only emits for the material and does not light up anything else. to do so, the material has to be partially alpha and a bulb inside; then colored light will be cast on objects next door…but ya know, i’d better check that out…