How can I put a material on top of other material using weight painting?

I need to overlay that rock material on top of the snow material using weight painting.

It was all procedural so I can’t use Texture Paint.

I want it to make something like this, a cliff:

Instead of using the weigth painting, you can use the vertex painting, and in the node editor, use a Input>>Attribute as a factor to mix the snow and the rock. You’ll need to give the name of your vertexpaint layer (‘Col’ by default)

It’s also possible to use a black/white painted texture as factor in the mix, if for example your mesh is not so dense, and you still want to add details.

Cool. I will try those tomorrow.

I tried it this morning. Worked like a charm!

Rightnow I am figuring out how to scale both image textures independently to match the the proportions of each other.

Simplest way is to use a ‘Mapping’ node between the UV coordinates and each texture. Changing the scale settings in this node will transform the texture which the node is connected to.