How can I render a pixel art composition?

Hi all! I was creating a game in Blender that now is getting re-developed from scratch in Unity. Since I created a couple of levels in Blender, I want to export the maps of these levels as PNGs, to be used later in Unity. I rendered the maps with a camera, just like below:

Now, this is a close-up screenshot of the render I did. There’s supposed to be only 3 types of gray here, but you can see more of them. Also, the pixels don’t have the same size.

This last picture is a screenshot of how the UV looks in the 3D view, and also the way I intend my rendered file to look like. If you look closely, you’ll see the difference between both pictures.

So my question is, is there a possible way to render this pixel-art map properly? I feel like I’m wasting too many pixels the way I’m doing it right now. Some checks on my render:

  • No MIP Maps or Interpolation on textures
  • Box filter, Minimum filter size
  • No Anti-Aliasing
  • No lights, all shadeless

Any tips would be highly appreciated, thank you all so much for your time!

Check this out:

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Thanks a lot for your quick reply! Nevertheless, I think this is not what I’m looking for. The video shows a method to apply some kind of 2D Filter to a render, so that it fakes pixel art. What I want to do is to create (if it’s possible) a PNG of the map, keeping the same pixels that it has in the 3D View. Hope I explained myself properly!

i too have a relevant question: Hello there. I’m having some trouble with drawing pixel art tiles and players for a game I’m making, but I’m not too great at it. I’ve looked around for some time and tried drawing out basic tiles over and over again, but they never seem to turn out as I’d like them.

How did some of you get better or start out with pixel art? What was your learning curve? One of my weaknesses in pixel art is trying to make things symmetric, even when I don’t want to. I’ve read the best way to make pixel art is to be random when drawing but when I try the design looks awful.

I’d really appreciate some tips and advice on how to improve. Many thanks in advance.

Maybe View > Render Viewport Image could work for you. Then there will be no distortions from camera. But I’m not really sure that you can do smth with antialiasing.

Blender really isn’t designed for pixel art. There are some hacks, like the video I linked, but if you’re making pixel art specifically, you’d be better off with AESprite, Photoshop, or Pixelorama

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This is an old program but I have found it useful:

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I should try this with your image before I suggest it, but I have no time today; sorry. The Workbench renderer has an option for no anti-aliasing, so that could get you there. Here’s the tutorial where I got the idea:

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