How can I render multiple images of materials?

I have over 50 materials which I want to render as a texture image. I want to render it with one plane.

Therefore I always need to change the active material on my plane and render it again. Is it possible to batch render all materials with one code?

E.g. Is it possible to script a code that allows animating switching materials
or switching the active material on my plane after the rendered image and render it again until it rendered all materials?

Hi @LoliPopiCuti

No script or coding required!

You could use a very simple geonodes setup for this.
Just put all yr materials on one plane and switch the index per frame.

Hope that helps.


how did you add “set material index”?

Its in the geonodes editor. I use Blender 3.4, thinks its been in since 3.1?

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Have the file. Blender 3.4

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thank you very much I will try it out now!

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yes, it works thank you!

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