How can I save a Rendered Animation?

I know, this sounds like a stupid question, but how can I save a rendered animation? I need to make an animation soon, but am not sure how to save it to my computer after I’ve finished the render :frowning: So please, let me know :wink:

You specify an output format (Use an image format like jpeg, etc.) and an output folder. When you render it will automatically save each frame in that folder. Then combine the images in the video sequence editor and save as a video file.

For future reference there’s a section in the forum for posting animation questions.

Oh, sorry, and thanks :slight_smile: I’ll have to find a YouTube tutorial on it :slight_smile:

When you render an animation the result will be saved in the location and format as set in the Render / Output panel

Read the blender manual (link in blender Help menu) for more info on file formats and rendering

PS: The way you moved this was awesome! I’m always surprised by what the admins can do! :smiley: