How can I set keyframes on several frames without breaking bezier curves?

I made an animation which is going to be used for a game. Unfortunately the import of the bezier curves doesn’t work correctly so I want to set all keyframes for every frame of the animation.
When I do it manually, each frame seperately, it changes the bezier curve. So I am looking for a way to set all keyframes at once without affecting the look of the curve. Is there a possible way to do this?

Try Baking your bezier curve. Select the curve and hit [Alt][C] or menu select Key > Bake curve in Graph Editor window.

Makaber: Use the “Sample Keyframes” tool in the DopeSheet

Baking didn’t really helped much.

But the “Sample Keyframes” was exactly what I wanted. Thank you! :smiley:

Basically if you insert a keyframe between key frames, the action will recalculate the bezier curve slopes around that keyframe. Sample Keyframes in Dope sheet does the same: