How can I solve this spherical map problem?


I have this spherical map. (512 px x 256 px)

I’ve tried about 2 days to wrap this image on something like a sphere, but without success.

I always get bad uv mapping on the top and bottom of the sphere. I’ve tried round cube, uv sphere, octahedron sphere and a lot of uv mapping variations. Nothing helped.

This image shows a round cube with sphere projection. Direction: Align to Object

Can somebody solve this? You can use the top spherical image.


As you can see your texure is very distorted on the poles. so the problem is with the texture not with the UV or mesh. Do you need to use exactly this texture without any modifications? Because I would map different map (can be texture painted) on the pole areas

Oh. That’s the reason. And I thought, that the UV mapping is wrong.

EDIT: I searched on world wide web. I found another spherical image:

I think, that’s common with these images.

there will always be distortion around the poles
that is how mapping work from 2D to 3D!

you try to use a more quad sphere on the pole but it will still have distortion may be a little less!

happy bl

Try using this setup instead of UV coordinates:


@filibis Can you please post an example image how the sphere top and bottom looks? Thank You!

I don’t have enough blender 3d knowledge for this. But I will look for that. That’s called Node Editor. Right?

EDIT: Wow. @filibis Thank you very much. It looks better now.

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