How can that be reproduced in Blender?

How can that kind of particle animation be done in Blender? (including color changing)

The color change could probably be done with texture nodes, and the physics, though complex could possibly be set up with various wind and fields.

This was made with a software that makes such things very easy (it has a typical style). Getting this in blender would be interesting…

You can only approximate it. Blender’s particle system is not capable of doing the things that trapcode particular can.

Intersting is the way the sound frequences and notes are followed by the particles generator!
Nice… Kind of “new age old style”, but quite ok.

Seems like that’s already possible thanks to the great work by neXyon:

Hard work. All nighters and frustration.

This is truly a tempting experience! A way to get the results somehow in a “reversed” manner… Could be nice to mix created scenes with post sonorisation and scenes created BY sonorisation!
Could this be working with arrays?
Would be very psychedelic (iTunes-like sort of… but much more personnalized)!

I think that this video shows NOT realtime “true” physics (I’ll be surprised if it’s not obvious). If you look more attentively… you’ll see layered graphics. Maybe they prerendered few dozens of smoke simulated animations also added realtime simple particles (like everybody can perform in Flash for example - these decrete “spider legs”) and combined it with coloured gradient masks for every moving layer. It seems to be real for me.
Looks like old tricks.
Please, don’t blame me - but I seen nothing special in that video :wink:

another version - very simplyfied smoke physics and precalculated micro-movements of “smoke pieces”. also looks like “mozaik” of these “smoke pieces”. every single piece can be a small animation… a little “cloud”. so if you’ll divide whole complex movement of the smoke and set stages to it then you will definitelly make the good fake.
Imagine it like vector displacements but for physics. So we know that v-disp is just a baked and colored texture - not a real geometry. It’s not a good comparison but I can’t invent something better.
Oh, do you remember old game from SEGA - Afterburner? There was a plane with “smokes” from turbines. Or it was from rockets… bevermind. But I think that this can descend from that old effect.

mh this reminds me more about a 2d engine than 3d engine.

I curious about which software was used here.


as per the comments of the linked video:

 fred.freire   7 months ago:
Great stuff man!
Lovely colors and a nice smooth particle system.
What software did you use?   

 muw  7  months ago:
I guess it is 3Ds Max, Vray, FumeFX and Krakatoa! 

 Esteban  Diácono  7 months ago: 
no! after seeing that clip i wish it was.
<b><i>It's  just After Effects and Particular. </i>                              </b> 

I have been practicing different techniques with the smoke simulation feature. I wanted to create a video that was different from the realistic smoke effects that have been shared, so I’ve been working on a video based off of this video. It isn’t meant to look exactly like this video and there will be various other things happening in the video. Here is a screenshot of my latest test. This is just a rough work-in-progress image that still needs a lot of work (plus everything else added).

To create an effect closer to the “Let Yourself Feel” video, I think it would be better to use particles with wind and turbulence fields rather than the smoke simulation.

What are you talking about BlenderHeads? This can already be achieved in Blender:
Watch the effect that starts in 00:09

And here is a tutorial on point density for anyone interested:

Point density with some turbulence looks like your best bet, motorsep.

Really great tutorial… Badly needed! Waow! :smiley: :smiley:

It’s made with after effects and trapcode particular. You might be able to do something like this in blender, but it would be a lot easier and quicker in particular.

I decided to upload the WIP video of my smoke effect for reference, because I think I might need to post in the bug tracker about an issue with the smoke simulation. It seems the smoke’s heat value starts to increase by itself after a while. In the video the smoke should not rise at all and just be pushed to the left by the wind, but about a minute into the video the smoke starts rising from the emitter even though it isn’t keyframed to do that.

I thought I would mention the video here, in case someone wanted to see a poor man’s smoke version of the “Let Yourself Feel” effect. This is an early rough work-in-progress that is missing a lot of stuff. Oh, and I used the Blender audio system by neXyon mentioned earlier to help sync the smoke to the music.

DavidT, video is awesome and you are almost there. Kindly post a tutorial on how you did it or a small howto. Great job

Got the very same issue :frowning:

I submitted an entry in the bug tracker.

I was planning on posting the blend file with a howto when I was finished with the animation, but I’m pretty much stuck at the moment with this bug. I’m not sure about this, but I think you can download the blend file I submitted to the bug tracker, if you want to look at how I set the animation up. Feel free to ask me questions after you look at it.