(How can this done in blender) - animation and effects base in movies Ive saw *Frozen

Hie Guys, I don’t know if someone already did ask this questions, But anyways, You know as a fan of 3D arts and animated movies, or not to mention as your own career. You’ve always wondering things like “how can you do this in Blender”? or “how can I do that”?. So I’ve made this thread hoping you to help me or others that wanted to ask the same question as I did.

So first I will talk about the popular movie Frozen’s “Let it go” video.
1.) At this video here:

You’ve notice that Elsa created olaf by some sort of particles, is that possible in Blender? or is there a tips and tricks for it?

2.) At this video when Elsa create the stairs way to her castle and as she steps at the stairs and turned it into clean crystal ice thing:

3.) Here as she step her foot in the snow and turned it into a big snow-flakes and slowly extruding itself to form a complete design of the snowflakes.

4.) As some sort of materials that extruding itself to form a wonderful design.

In the video “Let it go” some effects are some sort of, same as one of the 4 above, Like how she change her dress.

One movie on Blur Studio:

5.) A demo reel in Blur Studio that gives me an attention:

As the some kind of army that blow up away and turned into a pieces.
Getting an idea of modeling the base character and his skeleton and use a cell fracture on the body to control where it blows up the materials into pieces and make the bone appear. If that’s make sense.

So, I think that’s the questions I’ve always thinking every time I’ve studied Blender and wanted to accomplish it as applying to my animations soon.

Till then. :slight_smile:

Please anwser, i was just about to post this excact question :slight_smile:

There are tons of techniques mixed together for shot like that. It is not a simple answer.

For the shooting snow trails, one can use Particle system. You animate the particle emitter along a path or animate the trajectory by hand. Make sure to set Particle Field Weights so that Gravity is zero. This will keep particle suspended and not drop. Also, set Velocity Normal to small number, so that the particles don’t fly away too much. Add some randomness and Brownian force. Play with materials.


For the ‘clean ice steps’ from snowy ones I would do it by first modelling the clean topology with an ice material.
Add a lot of vertices and copy to create the snowy object with displacements and a snow material so the clean topology appears snowed over.
Render each separately and use the compositor to animate from the snowy object to the ice object.

Thanks guys… Okay, I will experiment with particles real quick.