How can we select 'between' components (edges for example)?

For things like edge rings, i can’t get the type of selection i can get in MODO. i’m SURE there is a way, addon, script, whatever it is. Can someone tell me if inbetween selection is possible in blender? I use ‘between’ ALL the time when i worked in modo. Shortest path works well for most things btw, but it isn’t very helpful in situations like what i’m showing below.

A first selected edge
B second selected edge
fire off between command
selected edges between

You can use Select Shortest Path to make the initial selection.

Then open the Operator Options, and uncheck Fill Region

You should be able to set a hotkey for that, just uncheck Fill Region!

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You can also set a hotkey by simply rightclicking on the Fill Region chackbox and selecting “Assign Shortcut”.