How can you get a magnifying glass effect with cycles.

I’ve been trying for days now but with no luck,i want to make a sniper scope with varying levels of magnification like a real scope (It should be adjustable during animation)

Is something like this possible with cycles?

This is what i have so far.

i don’t know how to make a real lens in cycles.

try this one
lensmat2661.blend (300 KB)

happy cycles

Still not what i’m looking for,it’s supposed to enlarge the whats being seen through the scope.Yours is making it slightly smaller.

Here is what i have so far,the small blue cube should be magnified when looking through the scope.

Basically what i’m trying to make is an objective lens and an ocular lens.


Gag glass Mk2.blend (573 KB)

almost samething

depends on distance and focal lenght
but difficult to control that !


Except it’s not magnifying the image.

i do remember seeing magni if you put an object inside a glass cylinder !
but that’s not really what you want here !

be back later on !


K,thx for the help anyway.

I’ll keep trying.

I’m not sure how you would fake the effect (it might require compositing?) but modelling a physically correct lens and using a plain glass material should do it. Mind you I didn’t make a physically correct one for this example, but it is magnifying. The fresnel setting of the glass material affects the amount of distortion in the lens.

Edit: Keep in mind the kind of magnification you get from a scope is the result of more than one lens.

I was playing with this the other day. Thats what I got:

In your case, maybe you can just do it in compositor, with lens distortion, as you dont need caustics. Just make a circular mask to select what you want to distort.

A sniper scope does not have one single lens, it’s a combination of lenses

@Storrboy & Netich

That’s exactly what i was looking for,thx for the help

can you uplaood a sample file
i cannot redo it

i see smaller image then bigger one !LOL


Hi all

I am trying to recreate this effect, but am having little luck. If anyone can point out what I am doing wrong I would be very grateful.

mag.blend (1.36 MB)



It’s hard to explain but it doesn’t want to seem to work with a normally modeled glass.

What i did was paste a UVSphere and then scale it along the angle of the 2 center points,add smooth,subsurf and a glass material.


mag2.blend (1.42 MB)

can you eleaborate how you scaled it ?
with 2 centers waht do you mean


Here,hope the image works.


i tried many times but does not magnify a lot
let me do a test with a parabola instead and see what it gives

did a test wiht a parabola
and it does magnify a lot more like a real lens
but text object is also revverse!
have to find how to reverse it !


You need to add loop cuts and scale a few parts so it looks more the a normal magnifying glass to get a better effect.

Thanks DC, that works better. Do you have any intuition as to why your method is more effective? It seems quite bizarre particularly given how my original model had a smaller radius of curvature so you’d expect a greater degree of refraction.