how combine 2 clips into one videos?

well i had 2 clip , no 1 is contain blue chromakey and the no 2 it is not.
now i just replace the blue chromakey from clips no 1 and i wanna adding the backround videos.
the problem is how to adding it in the node editor? and how to render it?
clip no 1

clip no2 as the background videos

How abot using Alpha_over node? Or Mix_RGB node (chosing ADD)? For combine 2 cip together.

Use alpha over.

Using blue boxes and chroma key is not a good solution here. Use the alpha of the boxes layer for mask, you get a much cleaner and better result than using keying, you are doing unnecessary work here currenty.

thank you for the advice , and so sorry for the late reply . well I have been try it with “Alpha over” node , it works but the size of clip no 2 as the background is much bigger than the clip no.1
did any node to resize the clip no.1?
here the screenshot

thank you sir, I am sorry, i don’t know what you mean. but i would like to explain than the clip no 1 (contain blue boxes) is the clip with the smoke simulator and that would be visual effect of the videos and it will display at the front of the clip no 2 (the videos without smoke and blue boxes) . i don’t know if any other method to do this but I’m so thankfull if you have link of the tutorials that you talking above, thank you:o

A bit off topic, but if you set your blue boxes to a “holdout” material, you won’t need to key them :slight_smile:
As to the issue at hand, you’ll need to “Transfrom” one of your images to scale it right.

how about video? I mean it is possible to replace the texture for the blue boxes and replace it with videos like doing matte painting? if it yes. how? thank you :eek:

I don’t fully understand what you mean, but if you set the texture to Holdout instead of a blue diffuse, you’ll end up with smoke with the holes already punched out so it will show your video in those spaces. It creates the alpha for you, rather than you doing it yourself.

alright, thank you so much for you help guys :yes:, it is so really teach me:yes:. heheh well this is the result . it might be not perfect, I mean it is don’t look like what i want. but at least I learn the something new