How Copy Bone Transformations with "Applied Rest Pose" Back To Vanilla Armature?

Hi folks, I guess this gets a bit tricky, but any help is appreciated for my work with the following two armatures:

I have an original armature “A” whose bones have been transformed in pose mode. All bone transformations of the new resulted armature “B” have been made real by the command “Apply Pose To Rest Pose”. Is there any easy way to copy/transfer the bone transformations of B back to a vanilla copy of A? (A & B have the same number of bones with identical names.)

Thanks for your ideas!

I think all you want to do is replace all the data of B with that of A. This is not hard…

First of all, select A, go to the armature settings. At the top of this is a dropdown. Take note of the name in the dropdown.

Now select armature B, and go to the armature settings again. On this dropdown, select whatever was in armature B.

Now all the armature data from A has been duplicated to B.

Finally, if you want to be able to edit Armature B separately, On that same dropdown, press the plus to create a new armature data.

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Another way you can try is to first go to A. Set a LOC, ROT, SCALE on every bone and save your action. Then you can just assign that action to B. Apply pose as rest pose and you will be back to A. Although the other way is easier.

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Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Actually I want to transfer the appearance of B to A, so that A looks exactly like B (by the way, i am still with blender 2.79b)

your idea sounds promising, but I’m not sure which armature settings and which connected dropdown menu to use, could you help me one bit more, please?

since both armatures are in rest pose, I think I can’t copy rest pose keyframes from one to another armature because both armatures think they have zero transformation, so nothing would happen at all when pasting one keyframe action from one to the other


This dropdown.

Oh and when I said " On that same dropdown, press the plus to create a new armature data." I meant press the 2.

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Great! Although I have to struggle with some few other problems, your solution, which one works, is what I was looking for. Thank you very much! And I’ve learned something new about data structuring in blender :slight_smile:

Oops sorry. Didn’t realize that you had two different armatures. Yes you can just switch as yogyog suggested.