How could I simulate a cake explosion?

How could I simulate a cake explosion? I tried using particles and the “explode” modifier, but while I do see fragments, I can’t get it to look organic. The pieces look jagged and the cake looks hollow. Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you very much.

I’d recommend using the cell fracture (Object>Quick Effects>Cell Fracture). Though, you’ll for sure have to do a lot of modeling and sculpting to get it to look organic, but it should give you a pretty good base.

You’ll want to use rigid body physics for each piece and probably a point force to make it explode.
Here’s a demo file.
Explode.blend (918.9 KB)

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Hello !
It’s hard to give you precise advice since an effect like that can take a bunch of time to be convincing.
you can probably put something together in a few hours, but at the same time it can be polished and refined within weeks to get something really cool.

I’d first start to look for references, maybe slowmotion videos, that you can use to analyse what is happening and also to use as a base for discussion here too when looking for a particular effect.
Since it’s not one effect but an accumulation of separated layers.

A tutorial of a head exploding, a bit gross but there is probably a few things to take inspiration from :

Good luck !


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Take a look at this one from @BlenderBob


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thank you very much for the answers to all of you, they helped me a lot.
In the end I am combining several results, in the case of the addon cell fracture I had to apply it separately, the cake had 2 elements, the icing and the dough, when I made “JOIN” I got an error, it did not fracture the entire model, the middle part was as shown, but when I applied it separately there was no such error, I was trying several options, but I could not get it to work, also reducing with decimate some aspects of the model, but there was no way to solve it. another doubt that I believe that it is not possible to solve it, for what I was finding out about the addon, is that the cuts of the model are not noticed until it explodes. I corrected it (using Debug Booleans) to scale individually and hide thanks to modifier overlaps in a good way the cuts, if you know another way would help me and to be able to control the explosion since it does it just a few seconds I give to play.


For Cell Fracture the model must be manifold. So the icing cannot be vertices that are separate from the cake. You will get similar errors if you try to Fracture the Suzanne model - because her eyes are loose.
Use some rigid body constraints to make some of the fractured segments look like they are sticking to each other. Change the default (fixed) to hinge or point so they can turn away from each other as they move.

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You should use boolean to combine two cakemeshes together first or alternatively use the voxel remesher.

Here’s some slomo of a cake.

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