How did he scale this?

I’m trying to create a pipe by following this tutorial.

I’ve got everything down perfectly except for when he creates the bend in the tube itself before modifiers at 1:02. I can’t figure out what magic key combination he pressed to keep the sides from moving but he kept scaling it inwards.

Here’s the video.

If you can tell me what he pressed than please please tell me, I really want to figure this out.

Thank you.

Didn’t check out the vid, but I’m assuming he pressed x/y/z.
Which constrains scaling to that axis.

Thanks, I know that half, but somehow he pressed those and managed to constrain two at the same time so they the verts moved inwards but the outside edges stayed along the axis. That’s where I’m confused.

Press shift, and another letter.


S X and SHIFT Z seems to be working in the right direction but I still can’t keep the outside edges from bowing inwards. This is incredibly frustrating.

Ah, figured it out. Needed to change to 3D cursor.