How did I do with this Opacity Mask for my leaf?

Hey guys!

I have made a leaf texture and an opacity mask along with it. (Images added below)

How did I do? I want to improve upon it, what am I missing here? Any lead would be great.

Things to keep in mind

  1. Texture is on a plane for now, since I’m trying things out.
  2. Light has been turned 90 degrees for each render.
  3. A cylinder was put behind the leaf to see how well it would perform.
  4. The idea is to achieve photorealism. So, be honest.

I’ve swallowed my pride and I am ready to take the critiques. braces for impact

If going for realism, why opacity? Leaves are not transparent. Perhaps try subsurface scattering or mixing in a translucency shader. Also, are you using Cycles? I do not want to assume.

Oh yeah, you’re right. I wanted a little bit of translucency.

SSS is making it look very weird.

I am using cycles.

You probably want to see this

Thanks a ton!