How did they make this tracking shot?

I’m amazed…I would love to know how this was done.

amazing , but don’t know how :slight_smile:

watch the making of. They filmed a set, added CG elements, post pro.

I think its just camera tracking.
Car throwing
It can be done with the voodoo camera tracker in blender

That is a making-of for computer n00bs

I wouldn’t say camera tracking for sure, well yeah obviously for the 3d integration though, but the shooting is probably a mix of camera rig (bullet time) and a lot of greenscreen and compositing ^^. at least that’s how I would go for it.

Maybe it is just the faces that are actors, and everything else is a mannequin.

Sounds like the cheapest way to do it…

What app was that guy using at the last “break” in the making of vid? Looked like you could track the movement of any object in the video.

here is a more complete Making of :