How did you learn Blender???

(the wave) #1

Ok so I’m a noobie at Blender. I was wondering how everybody here learned Blender? Like what tutorials did you use and stuff like that. Thanks guys…

(IanC) #2

There are my tutorials
Just go to the “tutorials” tab at the top of the page and choose out of the many (two) tutorials that I have.

Let me know how you get on!

(the wave) #3

Thanks man! Those will help a lot!

(IanC) #4

OK, theres loads of tutorials out there. Also, could you tell me what you think of the tutorials because I need some feedback on them, i.e. how to improve them etc


(Rob) #5

There is a fantastic number of tutorials to go through, which is great, although maybe a little confusing, if you are new to Blender.

I think that this site could be even better if there was an easy to spot link to a page explain what blender is in a few words, a down load for it and 2 or 3 simple, but fun tutorials, then a link to tutorial world…


(cree) #6

I bought a manual and did the cup and logo tutorial. Secondly, I sifted through tons of tutorials on the 'net. Finally, the best way to learn is to experiment and learn by trying, failing, persevering, and succeeding.
Good luck.

(the wave) #7

Alright, sounds good.

Bulletdodga, great beginner tuts! They were very helpfull! Keep 'em comin!

(ben999995) #8

I have some easy tutorials to.

go to the tutorials section