How did you start 2008?

Well… in a nut shell my 2008 started when I saw the year to date earnings on my last pay stub - I did better than I expected so I had to celebrate. I had a great lunch and a nice dinner at outback. Great way to start 2008.

I think the reason why I was excited was because I don’t even know what I’m salaried at, unless I do the math and add up all my payments - which for some reason I haven’t done yet.

I did it sober, without a hangover :smiley:

nice outlook on the new year :smiley:

But… I didn’t start it, he did!

i spent it working

by browsing all my favorite forums(eg. this) and the peach blog. :slight_smile:

scrambling for painkillers? Wondering if im invited to the next party? :smiley: Fearing the exam on jan. 3rd (which i passed :slight_smile: ) well something along those lines :slight_smile:

I landed. I had just jumped off the sofa. my mum is half German and because there was no snow to slide into the new year. we jumped off the furniture. YAY.

Hacking away at blender2.5 and DbBlender


Sober too. Went over to my wife’s hometown for a couple of days, visited her family, couple of drinks, happy new year hugs, yaddah yaddah. On my return the box with the parts to upgrade my pc had arrived so the last couple of days I’ve been putting up the system and installing software like crazy! I like this way of starting the year! :wink:

Watching Ratatouille.

It was a good movie.

I started it by watching Times Square on the T.V. I think I spent the following morning browsing through conspiracy forums.

blending and reading forums

I was working on my blog (can now be found from my signature)… Its still bit under wip… but check it out…

Bah, I was in the North Farthing celebrating an old friend’s birthday…
(I actually had the last post of 2007 I think, Eastern Time at 11:58, 2007)

i woke up drunk. never a good sign.