How do add a parented object to the new asset browser?

So I have a car model, which consists of multiple seperate objects that are parented to an empy

I would like to add this car to my asset browser… but when I create an asset out of the empty… i can’t add it to my scene with the asset browser… nothing realy happens …

Is this a bug? Or can somebody tell me how to create an asset (for the asset browser) out of an model that consist out of multiple objects. Or am I supposed to clear the empy and join everything together?

i guess that there is no that option that you would like to use, so you need to use CTR+J keys to join the geometry of your object to add it in asset browser.
Or just use the outdated but still useful blender technology as collections!

Ctrl J as the one possibility to do asset for asset library makes this function as useless.
Common objects consists from more then 1 parts.

I think this is what you might be interested in.

I saw a blog post about assets and I saw they had ellie’s (character from sprite fright) head in a different asset than her body and I found that the parent child relationships remain while making something an asset. So I think maybe asset catalogs (since they can be nested) would help you. This is just what I found after reading this post so I don’t have experience using this.

Introduction to assets, with a link to the catalogs in the beginning,

Asset catalogs description, with a link to technical info on the wiki.

EDIT: but since this is a year old I think this may be moot.