How do create a curved plane?

Hi guys, I am currently working on designing a scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, I have to create the ground polygon which is the Runways, taxiways, aprons. Like this

the problem i have is that i have no idea how to create those curved taxiways and join them to each other and the runway. So if anyone could tell me how to do this I will really appreciate it.


I think you mean how to create round holes in a plane…
Well, you loopcut (CTRL-E) and then move the vertecies
Then delete the faces like this

Create a plane, subdivide to taste with the subdivide command in edit mode, and then add subdivision surface modifier.
Work in ortho top view only for best results.
Start deleting faces, add loops with ctrl R to make edges more square, select the dges of a hole with alt click then use the transform to sphere command with median pivot point to make selected holes circular. You can also use the Smoothe vertex command to circularize. Select edge loops with the alt click method and slide them with the G, G shortcut.

Some examples progressing from left to right -
subdivided plane, no subdiv modifier, deleted faces.
Subdiv modifier (no verts deleted yet),
Same mesh, Edge loops added with ctrl R to make corners square,
Same mesh, now faces deleted, few more loops added, edges slid, holes rounded, etc.

In the picture you can see how to have square corners with the subsurf mod you must support the edge with parallel edges, whether in holes or perimeter.

I would do with 2d curves and flat shading. Current blender version can do Knife project with curve/mesh combination, curve is a cutter.

Hi DruBan, thanks for the help, I tried your methods out and it helped me a lot. One question that i have is would i use one single plane and scale it to a extremely large size to create the entire airport layout, or would it be composed of multiple planes that have been subsurfed and just join them.

The Spin tool can make the taxiway curves.

Hi guys, thanks for the great answers. For the final product i would like to create an airport ground poly that looks similar to this, so if you could please guide me on how to do that, it would be really appreciated.

You’re -ing kidding me, right?!:eek:

JK. For something like that just make a graphic in a raster program at high resolution and map it to a plane. You’re not going to have any structures there, it’s all flat, all it needs is color. Import into GIMP or a raster program as a mask and composite various grass and asphalt textures together and then paint lines on it. Just keep it as high resolution as possible for use in animation.

For example here’s your lowres pic mapped to a plane, to give you an idea.

But if you really have to have a polygon mesh of that shape the way to do it would be to trace it in Inkscape, save the path as SVG, import it into blender and convert it to a mesh.