How do f-curves work?

i looked up some tutorials on the graph editor but it was really lackluster for telling me about the f-curves.
sure i know how to change handle types etc. but i didnt really learn about f-curves them selves. i know it controls interpolation but it didnt explain what interpolation was. could someone help me understand this better?

Interpolation is when you have two values, and you try to get a value in-between them.

Keyframe loc on your starting cube. Go to frame 30. Move your cube +2 in X, then keyframe loc.

What is your frame 1 X transform? 0. What is your frame 30 X transform? 2.

What is your X transform at frame 15? It is interpolated between the the values of the two adjacent keyframes. There are any number of ways to interpolate between two values.

In the case of an f-curve, this interpolation depends on the handles you have for those keyframes. If you go to frame 15 and look at your cube’s X transform, then adjust these handles, you will see how they change the way that Blender interpolates between those two keyframed values.

If you have a keyframe for every frame (and you’re not doing something weird like motion blur), there is no longer any interpolation-- every frame has its own, specific, uninterpolated value.

huh? im still confused. everytime ive meshed with it stuff starts flinging of in wierd directions

What you wrote doesn’t make any sense. You may be confusing two different ideas. If you describe what you mean by “mesh with [fcurves]” I might be able to make sense out of it.

i meant mess. typo

Then be more subtle with your adjustments. If an adjustment makes it do too much, then make a smaller adjustment.

but i dont even know what im adjusting. if i turn up x axis rotation and only that it make other axises go allover. and ive made sure its the only one im editing. it doesnt make sense

If you adjust only x axis rotation keyframes/interpolation, x axis rotation is the only thing that is getting adjusted.

If it’s not doing what you expect, it’s likely that x axis rotation is not what you think it is. It is not world space x axis rotation. It is not what you get when you rotate an object in its local x axis. In the case of some Eulers, it is not independent of other rotational axes.

it is the only thing i adjust and it still lashes out. i made sure it was x axis rotation. and that it was only thing selected