How do I add a glow effect in a complex mesh like lights in a car model?

Hello fellow Blender Artists!
I have been using Blender for quite a while now, just experimenting with materials and logic bricks. I am a total noob in scripting in Python.

I need help in making a lens glare/flare or glow effect in the headlights and tail lights of a car model I have prepared for the game engine. The model is not mine but I tweaked it to look good in the game engine for my game.

Here is how it looks in the game engine right now:

I would like a glow effect around the lights. I’ve seen simple glow effects by using a sphere and adding a point light in it, but I do not know how to put it in the shape of the lights in this car.

I’m sorry if the images are not working properly as I don’t know how the uploads work here!

Any kind of help is appreciated!


There is a separate thin strip in the Tail Lights to which I want to apply the effect.

The Headlights should look something like this:

The Tail Lights should look something like this:

make those materials emisive set them to around 1.5 ir 2 and then render it then in the compositor add a glare node and change that to fog glow and play around and it should work

you dont get compositor in the bge. but what you are looking for is called “bloom”. a glsl filter can be used.

in upbge current master you can even use a ‘bloom buffer’ (a render attachment telling specifically what areas to bloom)

libload is broken in master after a refactor of the scenegraph.

However everything else appears to be working.

this uses a ‘temporal buffer bloom’ to avoid popping assosiated with mipmap downsample bloom

I have tried using the Bloom GLSL filter but that adds the glow effect to the entire scene.

I’m sorry, I’m unable to get UPBGE built and running properly in Linux. I would like to do this effect in the vanilla game engine only.

old upbge builds for linux:


Okay, I got the experimental version running on my system successfully. How do I add the filter to the object?

Where exactly can I get the ‘Bloom Buffer’ Render attachment in UPBGE?

this has bloom and distortion buffer

append the camera to a new blend and then append and
add 2 attachements in the render tab

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I did what you said and this is the result:

The FPS gone too low. How do I only apply the bloom to the head lights and tail lights?
I did not understand what “add 2 attachments in the render tab” means.

so this is how you add attachment slots.

then convert your material to nodes - add a output attachment node for emission and for distort
[the emission buffer is what decides what blooms]

see the nodes?

I don’t seem to be having the Attachments menu under my Render Tab and I don’t know why I don’t have the multiply node and the attachment node in my node editor.

ok, lets be honest. why spend extrenous efforts on something in the bge that everyone else has as a check box.

So, does that mean that I cannot get that desired effect in bge?

No, they don’t have precision bloom without a buffer


How did you get the attachments tab in your UPBGE?