How do I align 1 object parallel to another of unknown ang


how do i align one object parallel to another of an unknown angle. i have an object ( a wall ) which I want to position exactly on the plan of the building (the other object) except the angle of the wall in plan is of an unkown angle.


Select the object you want to realign, then shift select the ‘unknown angle’ object. Hit Ctrl-C and select 'copy rotation.


thanks for the fast response, but it’s not working for me. the first object chosen ends up rotated and flat as if i’d aligned view to selected.


The data is copied from the Active (light pink) object to any others that are selected so make sure your reference object is selected last. Also do Ctrl-A on it before selection.

You can also look in the Scripts window under Wizards for KlopUtils.


If you want to do it all manually, you could always try using the NKEY on the object you want to align to… and transpose the x, y, & z rotation values from there to the object you want aligned. Of course, this assumes that you’ve initially created these objects with the same intial orientation prior to any rotations (you didn’t model your main object at an off-angle, did you?).

Fligh % & Fweeb:


Yep the problem is that both objects are imported from DXF so all edges have a rotation of 0 degs, yet they are at all angles to each other. So how can i align to objects with each other if they both have 0deg rotation?

It appears Blender doesn’t relate each edge etc to an internal coordiate system but instead just keeps track of transformations carried out on each object as you go. Which would appear useless for any import of any external geometry or is there a format like .obj, .cob, .wrl where blender interprets rotations and x,y coords for each element of an object?

thanks again