How do I align dis eyeball tho?

Hey there, I’ve gotten this far, anybody wanna give me a pointer on how to get the pupil aligned forward here? I fully recognize I’m not using the proper terms and I honestly have no business trying to do this myself, but hey, it’s 2020.

Hi, use the uv editor to map the texture on the sphere.

It looks like the eye ball is its own object? And you have a rigged model?

If the eyeball is moving with the rest of the model, but not rotating properly, it’s probably linked to an eye bone somehow. Look for an eye bone and rotate it. It may be on an undisplayed layer of the rig (properties/data/layers).

How am I doing guys? Really appreciate the help here. I’m an indie movie producer trying to turn some assets from our feature into an instagram filter via spark ar and every time I uploaded the model in there it wound up janky, so I took it back into blender to try and clean it up.

model is rigged, just trying to get the eyeballs to look forward and then export out of blender so that I can start trying to work out the spark ar end.