How do I apply texture maps the way it came off? (Strubi's)

Ok. I did Strubi’s script and everything. So I made a texture map for My model. Now that I have the texture in a .jpg, how do I apply it to the model the same way it came off???

I’m not sure if Strubi’s script automaticly assign UV coordinates, though I think it does. If it did, just apply the texture normally (in a texture channel and all), but use the UV mapping mode instead of ORCO (the green buttons in the Material Buttons window).


jorx, if have any tips or anything about doing this let me know and we can get a tutorial on that script together.


Now you get to the fun stuff. I’ve found uv mapping to be an utter pain in the ass, BUT, the alternatives are even moreso (ever tried building a head of hair using sections of dupliverted strands?). One of the problems that is very, er, problematic, is magnification. If you create a map based on the size of the template, and your template is small, everything will show up in the right place with the image is assigned to its respective faces, but it will look quite nasty. I’ve been trying to get a decent-looking uv-mapped head of hair, and right now, it looks like I’ll need to use a series of 512x512 images (or larger) to get a decent resolution on each group of faces.

Then, there are the problems created by seams between the various sections of the mesh. I’m still working on the best way to remedy this.

My wildest hope is that I’ve been doing something wrong all this time, and there’s a simple adjustment to the process that will make it much easier. If not, you might be in for an interesting challenge.

When I used it, I had to manually set the view in the edit window (top, left, right, back, front, bottom) Then I’d select the faces that were associated with this view (based on the template). I’d then hit the U-Key, and select “From Window” from the popup menu. Finally, I’d adjust the faces that appear in the image window so that they cover the correct portion of the image. It may take some tweaking.

you could always start the output of the script as a template and ‘stich’ the sections together in the UV editor, while trying not to deform the faces too much. this can lower the amount of seams and allow you to fill more of the image with faces (does that make sense?)

Ok I’ll try that when I have try.
Acasto: Sure. I kinda started on my first tute ever for my site, but had tons of other stuff, but I’d love to make a real tute. Do you have a site? I can put one up on my site…