How do I avoid this UV Stretching with Shrink-wrap and Subdivision?

I’m trying to make a shirt in Blender using by using the Shrink-wrap modifier and subdivision modifier over a base mesh. And I’m almost there, however when I preview the mesh with the UV grid, we see a few key areas are getting stretched.

Is there any way to solve this issue or this a flawed method to begin with? I’m new to blender and pretty much stumped with this one.

I initially added a loop cut but that did not fix this issue.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the object and my modifier stack below

Shrinkwrap might matter, might not, depends on nearness to mesh.

C-C subdiv doesn’t play nicely with UV, particularly with islands.

You can reduce some of the stretch in the arms just by editing your UV map. (But you’ll want more loops in those sleeves anyways. Aim for square quads, not skinny rectangles.)

Your best bet is to get the mesh how you want, then apply the modifiers, then unwrap.