How do I blur a video?

I figured this was supposed to be basic stuff but I couldn’t find anything anywhere.
How do I blur a video that’s in Blender’s video sequence editor?
I have two clips in there, they’re not renders from Blender, they’re videos completely unrelated to blender.
I’m trying to get one of those clips to blur, the only “blur” effect I could find was in the node editor, but I have no idea how to make the connection from video clip to node editor.


Common question. This is just one of those quirky things about Blender that poeple coming from imovie, WMM, and other programs just don’t get.

Turns out that even though Blender’s VSE is an extremely useful tool, you can only “edit”, or “change” a clip 3 different ways. First, on the properties panel where most everything else is, then through a modifier (talking about only frames now), and finally, through a different strip.

Turns out in Blender you have to sometimes stack strips on top of eachother to get certain effects.

The glow effect is one of those cases.

Start out by selecting the video strip you want to change. Then, hold the shift key and press the “A” key. This will pull up the “Add Strip” menu right beside your mouse. Now place your mouse over “Effect Strip”, and then on the subordinate menu select glow.

Now a yellow strip will appear on a channel above the video strip you have selected. When the yellow strip is selected, the properties panel will allow you to change the settings of the glow effect.

Always remember to keep the glow strip above the video strip, or it will not be considered when compositing the frames.

For more help like this, google the type of tutorial you need and you instantly won’t be alone. Unless of course its something specific - then ask here. But anyway, you really could have saved yourself a long wait in this situation.

Good luck with your edit!

Hi, you can use the node editor for clips also, easy to setup.

Cheers, mib