How do I change angles when I extrude in blender?

I’m trying to do the Your First Animation in 30 plus 30 Minutes Part Itutorial in the blender 2.6 manual but I can’t get my character to look like the one in the tutorial, every time I press E to extrude, it just, extrudes at an angle coming at me, instead of extruding flat down on the page, so when I try to extrude more the end result looks horrible.

That is,

The tutorial wants me to make something like this

But when I try to extrude I get something like this

So, I just gave up on the tutorial until I can figure out how to get the angles to be flat,

I don’t have a middle mouse button (mmb). I tried shift+ lmb and ctrl+lmb but that does help to control the angle


If you want to extrude along a specific axis press the axis key after extruding
Example: E X extudes along x axis. Pressing down MMB (or Alt+LMB if you have enabled ‘emulate 3 button mouse’ in user preferences) with also restrict to the nearest axis.

Thank you so much!

I did the E, X thing

To the “flat” thing…

Did you follow what tutorial says: “Don’t forget to change the view back with Num1 (Front View) and Num5 (Perspective/Orthographic).” and “You must have the Limit Selection to Visible button unselected to continue this tutorial.”
Instead of the last, Z key switches to the Wireframe view and back to Solid. While in Wireframe mode you also can C or B select otherwise “invisible, hiding behind” vertices to G,X or G,Y move them.

If you had that and use ‘x’, ‘y’ on keyboard to set extrusion (E) direction there is almost no chance to make “non flat” thing.

To correct ‘non flatness’ in edit mode looking ortho (toggle F5), Front or Top or Side (F1,F7,F3), vertices selection on; toggle A unselect all, then Z (Wireframe mode) B-select row of vertices and S, (x or y or z - where you want it flat), 0 (zero).
Row will be perfectly flat.