How do I change parented Path Animation from starting on frame #1?

I have a bezier curve parented to my camera (camera is the child) and the camera follows the path perfectly, but it starts moving on frame 1 and I need it to stay where it is for the first 345 frames. How do I change the start frame for a path animation?

The graph editor shows a pink line that has no clickable points so I can’t adjust it within the editor.

I could simply render the first 345 frames without the path, but the camera is watching something rotate and I’d rather not have to figure out exactly where the rotation is leaving off at frame 345 for the second render.

I feel like this should be quite simple, but I haven’t been able to find any tutorials that explain how to alter the start frame.

Thanks for the help!

Select the curve and in graph editor select the Evaluation Time channel. Press N to show its properties. Delete the Generator modifier so you can then manually control the movement.
Select the curve and in the curve properties keyframe the Path Animation / Evaluation Time slider

Instead of parenting the camera to the curve add a Follow Path constraint to the camera, set the target as the curve, set the appropriate Forward and Up axis , enable ‘Fixed Position’ and keyframe the Ofset slider


camera.blend (173 KB)

Oh that’s definitely pretty simple! I was trying to keyframe the Evaluation Time Slider, but it wouldn’t let me! Silly modifiers…I never even guessed. Thanks very much!