How do I change the 'angle' of this loopcut?

Hi guys
I have a couple of walls… I want to put some loop cuts in it so I can make holes or insets or something. Im just testing stuff.

When I create a loop cut in the wall however…it gives me a loopcut at an angle (the yellow line). But what I want…is that the cut is straight through the wall without an angle (like the red line)…how can I achieve this

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And as a follow up… how would I do this with the knife tool? I can’t seem to get clean straight lines with that on all faces…


In your case where to object is quite aligned, you can simply scale down your selection to 0 on X axis just after validating the loop cut
(So I mean CTRL+R, left clic to validate, and then S + X + 0 + enter)

See you ++

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Thats exactly what i needed. Thank you!

Tricotou gave great advice for when aligned to a global axis.
When the cut isnt aligned to a global axis you could achieve a similar effect with either normal orientation (maybe) or a custom transform orientation (definitely)

Ah thats very helpfull for situations when they are off axis…thanks!

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