How do i change the color to another in an animation?

Hi, My name is Thomas Schreiber.
I need help making an object change color from one to another in my animation. How do i do this?
You know how an RGD keyboard cycles color? I want it like that on my object in my animation. :slight_smile:

Thanks u.

Extremely simple. Like you can keyframe location, rotation and scale. Similarly, you can keyframe colours as well.

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Im kind of new making animations in blender. i would be thankfull if u show how :slight_smile:

To make it go from red (until frame 50) to blue (starting on frame 100):

Add a material to your object
Where it says “Base color” or “color”, click on it and change it to red
Move to frame 50 in the timeline
Right click on your red color and “insert keyframe”
Move to frame 100
Click on color and change it to blue
Right click and “insert keyframe”

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Excelent this helped me out!!!

Thanks to both of you who commnt and helped me and took from your own time i
appreciate it allot. :+1:
[Anand_Singh] and [Boder]

As a second question:
I have been working with blender for about 4000 hours but i want to get better! I find it hard to come up with my own projects. Is there anywhere i can find someone who wants designed objects i can make. I make it for free ofcourse… ftm :wink: :slight_smile:

I don’t now remember the term that was used when this feature was first added – “animato,” or something like that – but basically it comes down to: "You can animate anything." You can click on any property (I think …) and “insert a keyframe” to change its value at that point.

Now, what I would do here is to define two materials, and switch from one material to another, instead of “changing the color of” one material. That would be much cleaner and more flexible down the road.