How do I change the pivot point?

How do you change the pivot point of an object in blender? (I assume that pink dot is the pivot point)

The pink dot is tecnically the center of your object, and by default it’s set to act as the pivot point. You have five options, shown in the image above: Active Object uses your current active object’s center as pivot; Individual Centers work by rotating each object around it’s own centers if you have multiple selection; 3D Cursor considers the position of your 3D cursor as the pivot point; Median Point is the default option, and it uses the pink dot; Bounding Box Center uses as pivot the bounding box center.

But is there a way to manually move it around?

Your right the pink dot is the objects centre but where you pivot depends on which selection you have shown in pic below

you can move your objects centre using the the centre buttons shown below (middle area of pic)

centre = shifts object data to be centred about objects origin
centre new = shifts objects origin to centre of objects data
centre cursor = shifts object origin to cursor location

To move the pink dot - there are the center, center new and center cursor buttons in the editing buttons -> mesh panel.


Darn you all beat me to it, but since I saw Greybeard’s name here. Do you plan on making anymore video tutorials? You are the main reason that I am into blender. Your tutorials got me to understand the interface and how much easier it was then 3DSmax. I always find myself coming back to your tutorials for help and as a refresher. I recently had to watch the paths and dupliframes tut again to refresh myself on path animations. These tutorials are invaluble, so thanks again.

Thanks, worked great. :slight_smile: