How do I combine more than two actions in the NLA editor?

I am following the second half of a tutorial I once did here in order to have my robot walk and do a dance step at the end of his walk. I think I was able to do that okay. But I made a few more actions that I want to add to the “generic walk_Charleston” actions I already have in the NLA editor. But I found I couldn’t do this. Specifically (for instance), I want the “Clapping” action to come before the “generic walk” I want the “generic walk” to continue, I then want the a “high kick” action, then I want the “generic walk” action to continue agian, then the “jump” action and then the “proud walk” action. Something like that. Can this be done in the NLA editor? If so, how? Or do I try to combine the actions in the video sequence editor after I render the actions separately. I love the way the NLA editor makes such a smooth transition between actions when I overlap them. I don’t think that effect is possible in the video sequence editor. Or is it?

Blender file: