How do i contact the folks who run the forum?

Yes i set it up to get emails when someone answers a post.
i do not get any.
i asked Juno if they are blocking the [email protected] address.
they said

Thanks for contacting Juno email support and bringing this matter to our attention.

In order to fix this issue, we need some information from the domain []
that is trying to send you email. Please contact that domain and ask them to provide us
with the following information:

  1. A copy of the delivery failure notice (Exact transcript of the error message).
  2. All the IP addresses from which these messages are sent.
  3. The sender’s email address.
  4. The exact dates on which these messages were sent.

The above information will help us investigate this matter and take appropriate action.

Should you require any further assistance, please write back.


Deborah Kallis
Security & Abuse Dept.
Juno Customer Care

How do i contact the folks who run the forum?

You might want to log into your Juno account on the web and check to see if the mail is stuck in a junk or spam folder. I’ve had thread subscriptions here and the messages were delivered by Juno with no problems. Of course, that was a while ago, Juno may have set up other blocking software since then.

NO they are not in the junk folder

Send a Private Message to an Administrator or Moderator.

Does everything possible to obtain their information paper, like other Email address, IM Number and so on!