how do i convert my previously offset bone driven walkcycle

Hello this is my first post, I hope you can help. I created, rigged and animated a character in blender 2.48 and recently updated to 2.57b, my character had a walkcycle using an offset bone in the NLA editor. when I animate the character in the update it takes 2 steps forward then reverts to its start position because there is’nt an offset bone option in the update, I’ve looked for info on what replaced this feature but cannot find a solution. Any help would be much appreciated.

there is no more a “offset bone” in blender-2.5x.
The animation-system changed.

from the regression-suite (blender-files to check the working of features)
the “old” walking knight (that little viking-warrior) is not walking along
his way any more.
I have not tried to think about how to do this in blender-2.5x.
What i do for uniform-cyclic-animation now is to make the repeated-anim-part
to an animation in place (like walking at one point) and use the constant movement
of the original animation as the timing for the used path(curve).

look for postings from Batfinger (and mine) to find examples for blender-2.5x (even so some may need some tweaks, cause there were changes in the python-api of blender-2.5x --)

for first steps, you can use the fcurve-modifiers like “cycle” - except for the main-bone, which needs to be animated like a “step-function”.

thanks for the reply, though after some consideration I’ve gone back to 2.4 until I’ve got to grips with it.

as the saying goes- sometimes you have to take a step back to take to 2 steps forward. I’ve given blender a rest for a week to see it with fresh eyes.

for the time being i will be doing duplicate actions (one cycle fixed in place and one using offset) so when i decide i’m ready to upgrade i won’t have messed up animations to work with.

thanks again, you’ve given me a direction to explore, i was pretty disheartened