How do I create a Mario 64-style camera?

wel funny that one want to do it with just camera and python and want a simple way.

Nothing is simple, well not if you don’t know what you are doing. I would use an empty set as a camera hook and vertex parented to the player, give the empty a zoom action, rotate action and the simple way of creating a camera that follow the player is done.

Now you need to figure out:

  • how do you zoom
  • how do i want the player to move
  • how do i get the camera upclose
  • how do i use slow parent on the camera or hook
  • how do i reset the position
  • how do i handle objects inbetween the camera and player
  • how do i hadle the camera if it get’s in/trough an object
  • etc.

So as you see it goes from easy to advanced in like a minute. If you want it very easy just parent the camera to player and done.

I do have a 8 direction 3rd person script right here, you can figure out how i did it and add an option to reset the camera position and/or get upclose for some scenery focus.

take a look: